“Dear Gabriela, I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how impressed my husband and I were with the recital. It’s evident that the children have learned a great deal about music and its structure, as well as exploring creative dance. I feel that Julia has enjoyed her classes all year and also know that she has used her imagination in an encouraging, creative setting. I am also impressed by your organizational skills! Your kindness and patience with the children are a pleasure to see. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher”

“We both would like to tell you how very much you are appreciated and loved!. You have such a wonderful talent & your patience really shines through”

“We would like to thank you for the dedication and enthusiasm that you have shown the children throughout this past year. We all truly enjoy your class so much and the children really benefit from it! We look forward to working with you again next year.”

“Gabriela, once again thank you for being part of Isabela’s life this past year. It is wonderful that you ans she have been together for so many years. I loved the dances at the Gateway. Isabela appeared so concentrated and I see the evolution of her own movement. Thank you for all your work and commitment. We appreciate it. See you in the fall”

“Dear Gabriela, Thank you very much for all the patience, love and kindness you have given to our two girls. It showed how much they learned through their performances. Our deepest Thanks.”

“…You have a very special connection with the children witch allows them all to feel comfortable and therefor enjoy their experiences.”

“Thank you for your great influence on Alicia’s life. You are a gifted teacher and I am grateful we were able to be touched by part of your talent. Thanks.”

“Thank you for teaching Victoria this year. Our only regret is that we didn’t start sooner.”

“Our time with you was wonderful and I am grateful for all the experience and instruction Kyra was able to acquire over the years. Your skill and passion for this beautiful dance showed thorough in every class and I have no doubt that if Kyra does excel at Irish dancing it will be because of the foundation and skill you instilled in her.”

“I like to dance because you made it fun”

“Thank you for bringing the joy of dance into Jared’s heart and Soul.”

“Thank you for teaching me how to dance. You are an awesome teacher”

“Thank you for giving us the most amazing start to movement and dance and for you love and nurturing over the last six years.”

“…You are an open ended and warm teacher. The children can explore because you provide them with a free and limitless environment that still maintains safety and order”

“Thank you for your great job, passion and enthusiasm, your creativity and patience. You and your program are “magic” that has touched us in many different ways.”